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Low Voltage Variable Speed Drives (LV VSD)

The Variable Speed Drive FRENIC series is equipped with functions and performance to meet all types of requirements, and in addition, it is easily maintained and environmentally friendly. The series lineup ranges from simple to advanced-function models, suitable for various industries and fulfilling business needs. Fuji Electric provide Variable Speed Drives perfect for automating and with energy saving devices like a fan pump or carrier and variable speeds.

Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drives

Our medium-voltage inverters are used for direct variable-speed control of medium-voltage motors. It greatly raises the efficiency and power factor, stabilizes motor operations and conserves energy.simple-function motion control such as Point-to-Point positioning. Meanwhile, the improved auto-tuning function and new option such as servo operator make the machine control with high-speed and high-accuracy be achieved more easily.


We offer a comprehensive range of reliable and high efficiency motors and generators for all applications.

Servo Systems

Fuji's servo system can be adapted to several types of motion control, from high-function like synchronization and interpolation to simple-function motion control like Point-to-Point positioning. Meanwhile, the improved auto-tuning function and new option like servo operator make the machine control with high-speed and high-accuracy achieved more easily.

Uniterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Fuji Electric ‘s UPS and power solutions have the best product specifications with the latest technology. Fuji's products are available in the 72 VA to 2000 kVA range, for single modules. For higher ratings, these can be paralleled to deliver 12000 kVA. Fuji Electric's high-efficiency UPS helps in reducing costs, weight, footprint, and heat.


Fuji Electric offers a wide range of water quality meters, including PH meters, turbidity meters, residual chlorine meters, non-reagent free chlorine meters, and alkalinity meters to monitor the production of safe and refreshing drinking water. Ultrasonic flow meters are easily attached to existing piping to measure liquids that allow passing ultrasonic waves, such as coolants and industrial water, from the outside of the pipe. We offer a portable meter that is strong against bubbles, a small meter, a hybrid meter that utilizes both the Doppler flow and transit time methods, and a small and lightweight compact meter.

PLC, Programmable logic controller

PLCs have the central control role in various fields, including manufacturing and public systems, and in-service fields. They can be used to construct optimal small and large-scale systems.

PCS, Power conditioner system

Fuji Power conditioner "PVI series" received the Agency of Natural Resources and Energy Director’s Award for Superior Energy Conserving Machinery Award.

HMI, Human machine interface

Fuji Electric's Programmable Operation Display (POD) provides vivid and sharper images in more than 60,000 colors. Our POD supports up to 8 languages and contributes to enhancing the efficiency of plant management by simplifying the customer's system around the world.

Oil-immersed Transformer, Shunt Reactor

Moving ahead in society with such advance technology, Fuji Electric opens the door to the market with its highly refined Oil transformer that is stable at high temperature and has execellent electrical insultaing porperties. Alternatively, Fuji Electric provide solutions to our clients of different needs through customeization. Where some customer perfer Vegetable-based oil also known as FR3 Oil as it have a high fire point of over 350°C and K-class fluids which are often used in high-risk transformer applications, such as indoors or offshore.

Cast Resin Transformer, MOLTRA

Our position as a global manufacturing leader enables us to offer our customers a cutting-edge incombustible transformer, which utilizes the superior insulation characteristics and the self-extinguishing characteristics of the epoxy resin. Fuji Electric customers rely on our cast resin transformers for a wide variety of applications and installations, with units in operation in various industries such as buildings, hospitals, public facilities, factories.


Drive System

Fuji Electric offers Variable Speed Drive, Servo Systems, Motors/Motor-applied products, Synchronous drive systems, and other equipment necessary to drive and control factory equipment and machine tools.

Power System

Fuji Electric offers switching power supply systems for embedding in information devices and facilities equipment such as servers and supercomputers; uninterruptible power supply systems(UPS) to handle power source troubles such as outages and voltage fluctuations; and power conditioner subsystems(PCS) that efficiently convert electricity.

Power Transformer

Fuji Electric offers variety of transformers such as Oil immerse Power Transformer (up to 315MVA), Distribution Transformers made in Thailand. Also, Cast Resin Transformers (Dry type) made in china with affordable price for dedicated market demands in SEA region. All of our Transformer has totally equivalent quality of made by Fuji Electric Japan.

Switchgear (LV, MV, HV)

Switchgears in these main substations are of high importance for the safe and flexible operation of the transmission and distribution system. It has to be very reliable during its lifetime, flexible in configuration, easy to operate with a minimum of maintenance. This type of switchgear insulation (air or SF6) is determined by local conditions, e.g. space availability, economic & environmental considerations, building costs and the relative importance of maintenance. Fuji electric offers switchgears from the voltage range of 1V upto 245kV and current ratings cover all possible technical combinations meeting JIS, JEM and IEC requirement.

Power Generation

Fuji Electric specializes in the manufacturing and production of Power Generation equipment. Generating electricity often begins with a steam turbine, a device that extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam and uses it to do mechanical work on a rotating output shaft. The rotary motion generated by the steam turbine makes it ideally suited to drive an electrical generator, thereby producing power for your cities, offices and homes.

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